Our Mission

​​Reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s disease

Lucilab’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyle habits in order to foster cognitive health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Based on demonstrated behavior change theories, Lucilab is developing an app to support participants in the adoption and maintenance of protective lifestyle factors such as healthy eating, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation.

Number of Canadians living with a dementia diagnosis

New diagnostics per year

Economic costs related to dementia

in 2011
by 2031

The Luci App

The Luci app was designed to help users adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Based on the latest scientific knowledge as well as proven behavior change theories, our program targets three brain heatlh protective factors: healthy diet, physical activity and intellectual stimulation. With the support of a motivational coach, you can build your own action plan and discover a wide range of resources in our regularly updated learning centre.

Please note that our app is not accessible to the public yet. However, you can already help us test our prototype.

A Research-based project

Luci is based on the most recent scientific knowledge in terms of prevention and behavior change.

Relying on a collaborative approach between our research team and our scientific committee, Lucilab also aims to bring progress to cognitive health research. Our app will thus be the subject of three clinical validations starting September 2020. The results will be published and made available for the entire scientific community.

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